Friday, 6 May 2011

Independent Record Stores


Melbourne has had a lively independent record store seen for over 30 years, but unfortunately in the past 5 years or so that scene is slowly starting to decline. This year will see the closure of one of the best independent record stores in Melbourne, Hound Dogs Bop Shop in West Melbourne. It's as far as I'm aware the only record store in Melbourne where you can find Blues both pre-war and post war varieites, country blues, chicago blues, memphis blues, New Orleans r&b, cajun, country & western, soul music, rockabilly and early rock and roll. It's a great old shop owned by Denys Michaels who has decided to retire for pastures new. The thing I love about the shop is the smell! It's a mixute of old record covers and posters, beer and B.O! It's easier to buy some of these records on amazon but there is nothing better than talking to Denys about the music, the artists and being told about other artists or other sounds to explore, it's the personal touch that will be missed.

The same can be said for The Last Record Store in Collingwood, whoch will shut its doors next Saturday, it's a shop that sells an eclectic collection not necessarily defined by genre, you will certainly find obscure country records and the latest from the local Australian music scene. Other stores like Greville Records are just holding on as they face steeper rents and operating costs but still with an unrelenting desire to turn people on to great music that you want find on commercial radio.

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