Sunday, 27 March 2016

Laney Jones-Laney Jones

This self titled set is the second album from Laney Jones, it's an album with a diverse musical palette and it all marries together with an easy relaxed cohesiveness. Marrying elements of Americana, indie pop and country soul it also harnesses the honesty of the classic late 60's early 70's singer songwriter sound. Having studied her craft at the prestigious Berklee School of Music her writing displays an assured maturity and innate reflectiveness.

The subdued and dream like Do What You Want features acoustic guitar and a delightful weary vocal, it has a disarming sentiment, questioning the point of doing something if it's not what you want to do.

What's the point in living if you can't have any fun
What's the point of heaven if you don't know anyone
So lay with me in the magic
Breathe it in break your habits
Rest a spell then raise some hell

Allston (Dance Around) has a more indie pop influence with a nice opening hook that is pure ear candy drawing you in. Rather than settling into pop mode the song takes on a certain abrasiveness, a rumbling bass underpins everything and there is some great mandolin playing. Bad Luck Charm is a highlight sounds like this could have been recorded at FAME studios a very relaxed southern groove permeates this track. Jones' vocal is a standout she has an ability to deeply inhabit a song and give a suitable interpretation. Here she gives a performance that has a resigned quality to it she is bad luck charm and perhaps quietly revels in it.

Baby I'm a bad luck charm
Hanging round you neck when misfortunes starts
Maybe we are just star crossed lovers
Blessed with the curse we are bound to discover is a sign
Don't need you to be mine.

Who Could Love is breaking ties with the past, and the pain that comes with moving forward. Anchored in uncertainty and looking for acceptance it's a rocky path forward. There is an aching in Jones' vocal and the accompaniment is subtle and restrained. Troubled Mind has a bit of a Dylan influence it rolls along finding comfort in a relationship and banishing a troubled mind. The Simple Truth sounds a little like The Band I can hear Richard Manuel singing this one, it has a melancholy feel. Endless Summer closes the album and in familiar fashion there is a tinge of unpredictability about what lies ahead, we all think at one point those heady days of youth will always remain but they remain fleeting moments.

This album just grows with each listen, it has a lot of diverse elements that just grab you by the ear. I'm sure this album will bring Jones to a larger audience and I hope she tours in Australia in the near future.

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