Monday, 16 March 2015

San Cisco-Gracetown

Gracetown is the second album from Fremantle four piece San Cisco, this is a record embedded with catchy hooks and a lo fi sensibility. San Cisco have feasted on the sonic textures of the likes of The Vampire Weekend and MGMT to create something that grabs you from the first listen. This album displays a growing sense of maturity, a willingness to explore and refreshing honesty in their lyrics. This album wears it's influences strongly but it's an inventive album, each song stands on it's own.

Run has a distorted rumbling underbelly like most of the songs on the album it has a very melodic centre, this track definitely shows the influence of Vampire Weekend. Too Much Time Together has a more pop, summery feel with a lingering sense of the innocence of first love with a caustic leaning.

You don't know any of my friends
Where better of without them
I'm trying to keep up with the latest trends
You pull me up so quick I've got the bends

Magic features the more sultry tones of drummer Scarlett Stevens, uptempo with a persistent guitar repeat. Snow is more intimate, reflecting on the difficulties of being on the road, a sacrifice musicians know only too well. This has a similar feel to Empire of The Sun particularly on their first album.

Just down from New  York, back to L.A
Forgot to get you flowers on your birthday
Told me not to bother, but I called you anyway
Forgot I didn't have any words to say

Wash It All Away has a disconnected rhythm that was ever present on the last Vampires album, a grander sound with implicit layers. Jealousy a duet with Preatures lead vocalist is more minimal with an electronic focus and repeat synth lines. Mistakes probably pushes the Vampire Weekend influence a bit too closely, especially in the way the song is constructed, that sense of rhythmic disconnection. Just For A Minute is 80's old school with stadium like synths, tucked away as the closer it's one of the best moments on the album.

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