Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Elle King-Love Stuff

Love Stuff is the intriguing debut full length album from Elle King, with a voice like Wanda Jackson and a passion for a melange of country/rockabilly and post punk this is an album that packs a punch. King has an interesting back story, she is the daughter of actor Rob Schneider and split her time between L.A and Southern Ohio before moving to New York in her teens. It would be easy in her situation to take the easy path but this album is assured but also with some rough edges.

The record aligns itself with the darker edges of life, it has a distinctly defiant and edgy tone, Kings' whisky soaked growl penetrates all corners. Where The Devil Don't Go has a rockabilly feel with King channelling her inner Wanda Jackson,

Sing a song gonna take me over
Drown my woes in a lake of fire
Sing a song gonna take me higher
Good Lord turned his back on me
Lucifer gonna set me free

Ex's and Oh's is more pop influenced, heavily percussive it's something I could see a producer like DangerMouse putting together, it still retains an edginess to it. Under The Influence is a sultry southern soul number and King shows a great versatility in her voice, the rougher edges are now more refined. Last Damn Night has King as the dark priestess of the night, showing the dexterity of her voice on a more bluesy track with some great funky piano work. Kocaine Karolina features King on banjo more restrained and who knew King could do Americana, this is a haunting tune. Song of Sorrow is in a similar vein King writes with great depth drawing on a number of literary traditions, especially those from the south.

Scriptures slingin man I can't seem to find my way home
It's been a hundred years I have no idea which direction to go
This is my song of sorrow.

The rebellious America's Sweetheart has anthem stomp written all over it, this is one for the arena's it's still well and truly a cut above the rest. Make You Smile is softer the dark priestess is somewhat more vulnerable, prepared to stay in the small town for love.

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