Thursday, 19 November 2015

Sarah Blasko-Eternal Return

Sarah Blasko is in love my assertion being unequivocally supported by the release of her new studio album Eternal Return. Whereas her previous albums were always a tad dark in subject matter, Eternal Return basks in the glow of new found contentment. Musically it still retains some of the gothic stylings but with some lighter more melodic shades, the album is awash with synths very 80's new wave in it's approach courtesy of Blasko's purchase of a Prophet synthesizer. I Am Ready is an assertive pronouncement in Kate Bush style she announces "I am ready to be revealed" the curtain is about to be lifted for all to see.

Better With You is another song that reflects on the changes in Blasko's life since she met her partner Dave Miller,

I think I finally found me feet and I hardly recognise
Who I was without you, like I wore a disguise
You can say I waited for you all this time
I won't deny the change I'm feeling, I cannot hide
It's better with you.

I'd Be Lost has a timeless quality about it, very much steeped in the 80's with punchy synth lines and pumping yet restrained bass line that harks back to early New Order. In all the joy of new love this track hints at something darker in acknowledging all that has changed what could happen if was to be lost.

Finally I found someone to call my own
When  I thought I'd always be alone
Face is so familiar in this crowded room

Luxurious has a more soulful bent to it, it's one of the more emotionally revealing songs on the album and it's a song that has a strong connection, her voice sounds bare and more stripped back. It's the pinnacle of the album in that the true sentiment of the album is revealed. This is not a love album per se it's about experiencing light when dark has generally prevailed and being able to bloom as a person.

There have been loves before that only held me down
Made me feel that I was never enough, or I felt
But your gentle way with me brings out a lighter side
Feeling somehow I can open up and bloom

Only One is as close to a pop song as this album gets, it's a vibrant and ecstatic ode to love,

Yeah I'd do anything for my love
Now I got you by my side going to show you off
Holding hands will make a mark won't fear it, it's alright
We are together in this one I'm sure of it
My only one, I'm in love
I'm going to give you everything.

Eternal Return is one of the best Australian releases this year, it's a blissful listen.

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