Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Hot Chip-Why Make Sense

Why Make Sense is the sixth studio album from electro pop outfit Hot Chip who have been mixing the best elements of electronica and pop for over a decade. Why Make Sense has a diverse nature, something the band have been keen to explore on recent albums. Recording quickly and not allowing ideas to stagnate this album has a fresh appeal, built around sparse electronic grooves the band add in elements of 80's style pop and soul, whilst all the time making it sound new and vibrant.

Huarache Lights embraces why the band do what they do,

I know every single 
we play tonight
Will make the people
Just bathe in the light
Just bathe in the light
Bathe in the light

But it also offers up the idea of facing up to the reality of getting old and no longer being the youth's enthusiastic grip.

Machines are great, but
Best when they come to life
You can burn your finger on
The pulse of the light
There's nothing to touch and
There's nothing to hold
Am I so truthful
Or in truth
Is the youth just getting old

Dark Night sounds like classic 80's Depeche Mode, the music draped in darkness, a sense of despair permeating throughout. Love is the Future is drenched in heavy pulsing synths like the opening track the band weave a narrative around the devotion they have for creating music and the devotion to another person. Whilst there is a weariness at the state of the world and the state of  music they find solace in the warmth of human interaction. Started Right is bare bones with a stuttering funky pulse, the soulful White Wine and Fried Chicken has a glowing warmth,

You gave me white wine and fried chicken
A new place to stay
Where my heart as permission
To sing through the day
And your smile is resistant
And starting to sway
Where the wild water's swimming
And leading us astray

Why Make Sense captures the resonant undertones of electronica and 80's synth pop and then strips it all back, giving each song a strident energy. Easy To Get sounds like it could have been used by Michael Jackson on Thriller. This album is not one to fall for the easy trappings of nostalgia, each song sounds unique and new, you can easily get swept along listening to this album, it has that vibe.

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