Friday, 30 January 2015

Caribou-Our Love

My knowledge of EDM or any derivative there of is incredibly limited sometimes you hear something and it just grabs your ear, this is one of those experiences. Caribou's (Dan Snaith) previous album Swim was just as languid as this set but this album has more diversity, different beats a more enveloping sound. For Snaith this album was conceived in the glow of Swim's success and was seen as being a gift to his audience.

 Can't Do Without You is a pulsating uptempo rhythmic panacea to any end of the week blues. Silver has a more snyth washed 80's feel to it like mid 80's Depeche Mode when they ditched the pop and explored more dense soundscapes. The vocal samples are effective, playing of the falsetto vocals with a more gospel response, All I Ever Need is more in line with the dub step style that has been prominent in dance music over the past decade, that repetitive synth sounds like it was also straight out of the 80's but the other side of the Atlantic.

Our Love comes from minimalist beginnings and slowly with looping voices and a pounding bass the sound opens up and then this classic 80's techno hi hat comes in and I'm thinking flat top haircuts and big sneakers! This album never stands still, Snaith constructs each song carefully matching disparate elements and creating a new musical whole. Dive has elements of 70's synth thnik Kraftwerk etc, Julia Brightly is similar to Can't Do Without You more dance oriented, Mars is a twisted kaleidescope with an afro style beat. If you crave diversity and something a little different this is a great album.

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