Monday, 10 February 2014

The National- Sidney Myer Music Bowl

Last night in the surrounds of the botanical gardens nestled inside the myer music bowl I caught a glimpse of the best band in the world right now. A bold statement yes but for those who were at the bowl last night I think there would be few who would disagree, we saw a band at the top of it's game. Their sixth album Trouble Will Find Me broke new ground for the band their layered despair still evident with the music cascading and encasing the listener. That is how it felt last night, the music floated into the air and just enveloped the crowd, they kicked off with Don't Swallow The Cap from the new album, what intrigued me most was the work of drummer Bryan Devendorf, he is an amazing drummer so rhythmically precise and propulsive. I Should Live In Salt has the crowd wafting in the cool summer evening breeze, it's probably the anthem of Trouble Will Find Me, the band seem to effortlessly recreate the atmosphere of the album in the live environment.

The brilliant Sorrow from High Violet is one of those songs, brilliant in it's despair that hi hat nailing that sense of despair. Matt Berninger striking in a suit leaning on to the microphone, walking with purpose around the stage like he is being tormented by a thought. Bloodbuzz Ohio is another anthem that has the crowd enraptured, there is a strong connection between the band and it's fans, a sense of connection with the songs. For me the highlight is their rousing version of Sea Of Love, that pounding rhythm and soulful vocals from Berninger have everyone up and dancing. The band then slow things down with the closer Hard to Find from the new album. their two recent albums dominate the set list, Pink Rabbits is another one of those songs that drifts from the stage bouncing here and there, England has that heaviness to it like a mist rollling in. There was not one moment where you felt the show lag, it was peerless in it's execution but the band played with passion. Berninger crowd surfing towards the end of the year was a sight to see, the band closed with Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks in an acoustic format, it was an apt way to finish an amazing gig.

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