Monday, 15 April 2013

Independent Record Store Day

This weekend is International Independent Record Store day, this year's ambassador is Jack White, former lead singer with White Stripes, The Raconteurs/Saboteurs, The Dead Weather and owner of Third Man Records based in Nashville.  Whilst digital technology has provided music listeners with a more accessible outlet for purchasing music, there is nothing like browsing the racks of your local independent record store. It's about connecting with your local community and supporting your local music industry. For me I've been frequenting  record stores for years, I remember as a youngster my Dad used to take me to a small record store called Record Finder that sold 50/60 LP's and 45's. I used to work near Greville Records and went there every lunchtime and after work, I got to know the owner Warwick Brown and he introduced me to a wide range of new artists. He got me listening to The Byrds, Gene Clark, Townes Van Zandt and a lot of soul acts. His infectious enthusiasm constantly draws people into his shop, his knowledge across all genres is extraordinary. In my twenties I discovered Hound Dog's in West Melbourne, it was a store that specialised in rhythm and blues, country, bluegrass and old 50's and 60's rock and roll. The owner Denys introduced me to bluegrass and country music, it was his passion and it was great to hear him tell stories of where this music came from.

Melbourne has a vibrant independent music scene and whilst a few of the local stores have shut their doors there are still a number of shops that specialise in independent music. With the popularity of vinyl on the rise this has been a huge boost for local stores, it's important that these stores be supported, they offer something that is often missing in our community, engagement. A music store is where you can go and hear something new, talk to someone who can maybe pique your interest in something different. This week 3RRR is doing a spotlight on the independent music store scene in Melbourne in the lead up to Saturday. I know Polyester, Greville Records and Basement Discs will all be having live in store shows. Chris Gill's Northside Records will be having a 10th birthday celebration and will also feature live music, so get down there. For more information go to

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