Sunday, 7 October 2012

Unpaved Anniversary Show- Northcote Social Club

Unpaved is an online magazine dedicated to the local blues and roots music scene in Melbourne, the magazine has just turned one so in celebration a gig was held today at the Northcote Social club featuring Sean McMahon's Western Union, Saint Jude and Liz Stringer. It was a great gig, I love the band room at the Northcote, small and intimate and not too far to walk to the bar! I was really impressed with Saint Jude I'm a fan of their new album and have been meaning to review it for some time, their live performance was tight but it had a wonderful loose feel and some exceptional playing. I was unfamiliar with Sean McMahon and his group Western Union but was impressed with his material and guitar playing. I was also impressed with the bass player, he added a strong rhythmic presence which gave each a richer texture.

Liz Stringer was terrific performing with bass and mandolin, her voice is amazing so powerful and intense, her songs are captivating, she delivers these intense stories of loss, pain and love but there isn't an ounce of self pity just this underlying strength and wisdom. Melbourne has an amazing music scene especially when it comes to blues, roots, country, whatever your inkling Melbourne has it most nights of the week. This scene is superbly supported by community radio something I've drummed on about before. 3RRR has Twang on a Saturday afternoon, there is Acid Country and 5ft High and Rising on 3PBS, 3CR has one of the longest running blues shows on a Saturday night and a great rock and roll show. These shows are so important in keeping the thread of roots music alive and unpaved is helping to keep the new forms of music going in Melbourne.

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