Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Hello Morning-Self titled

Melbourne has a vibrant music scene, quite possibly the envy of the land, there always seems to be new venues popping up. There is great diversity in the bands and singers playing in these venues and there is this ethos that anyone can have a go, it's a very dynamic and supportive local scene. For music fans like me the benefits are especially exciting, the amount of quality albums being released this year is extraordinary.

To add to the list is Melbourne six piece The Hello Morning who earlier this year released their self titled debut album, I only became aware of the band recently when I saw a small article in the EG magazine. This album is robust, it's firmly rooted in what is being dubbed the new Laurel Canyon sound. It's reminiscent to me of The Band with that pulsating driving organ and the loose feel of the rhythm section, very soulful and very melodic. Heat has those nice country style piano fills something that Richard Manuel would have played off against Garth Hudson's organ. The sprightly Without You shows the band's more rugged side with some loud stinging guitar. Drive You Home is a lilting ballad with some pedal steel outlining the overall maturity of this album in that it doesn't stand still or play it safe. Bright Lights is has those familiar Band style horns, floating softly over the top of the song. Edge of Town is darker and ominous, acoustic with eerie psychedelic overtones.

It's a shame that some albums slip through the cracks, I haven't heard this played on any of the independent stations that I listen to so it's hard for a great album like this to get any traction, I haven't seen these guys play live yet but it's definitely on my list.

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