Thursday, 7 June 2012

Chet Faker- Thinking in Textures

Thinking in Textures is an apt name for the debut EP from local musician Chet Faker (aka Nick Murphy), it's an EP of sonic textures minimal electronic beats and loops and more dense creations, it's an amazingly assured debut. My knowledge of electronic music is very limited, I have no historical context from which to draw from, my descriptions of the music will be woefully limited but I will soldier on. To describe Thinking in Textures as an electronic record is selling it far too short, it combines the elements of that style with funky old school R&B sounds with all the mellow ambiance of a great jazz record.

I'm Into You is about the intoxicating delights of love above and beyond the physical with it's line,

and your eyes
are saying more than we can talk and warmer than the bedroom sport
and your thighs are kisses from the outside, girl thats all i need.

Love and Feeling captures that laid back R&B feel capturing the intensity of love but in such a passionate and romantic way.  Cigarettes and Chocolate continues that ambient groove, relaxed beats and a collage of dense sound that drifts in and out, that is the beauty of this type of music, the options are endless. Take a guitar chord and a single vocal or a percussive beat and use that as your canvas and from a diverse musical palette flesh out beautiful sounds. Faker does a fantastic cover of Blackstreets' No Diggity infusing into it something with more soul and passion rather than it simply sounding like a misogynist ode.

Solo Sunrise as that early morning Sunday feeling with a stretched out bass line, reminds me of those Saturday nights becoming Sunday mornings those youthful days with all their promise and expectation. Thinking in Textures is the soundtrack to my memory all the good vibes of life in this city, my city.

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