Thursday, 15 December 2011

Vale Hound Dogs Bop Shop

Hound Dogs Bop Shop is a Melbourne institution, and one that has been featured in this blog before. To me it's more than just a record shop, it was a place where you could go and talk to owner Deny's Williams about music or football or whatever subject seemed to drift by. His musical knowledge is epic in proportions, bordering on genius. He has too my mind single handedly kept the flame of rhythm & blues, country, hillbilly, rockabilly and other obscure forms of American music alive in this city. He has been an enormous influence to generations of musicians who have found their own inspiration thumbing their way through his shelves of records.

Denys has certainly opened my ears to some obscure roots music that I would probably have never come across if it wasn't for his suggestions, which always started with, "I think you might like this"! Denys has decided to retire and the shop will be no more from 3pm Christmas eve, to say that it will create a whole in the independent music community is an understatement. I'm looking forward to at least one more trip before the big fella locks the door for the final time.

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