Friday, 7 October 2011

Boy and Bear-Moonfire

Sydney outfit Boy and Bear have recently released their debut album Moonfire, from the first vocal of Lordy May I'm instantly struck by the similarity with U.S band Fleet Foxes, and their influence drifts across the album from the lead vocals of Dave Hosking to the layered harmonies from the rest of the band. Musically there is a definite nod to Augie March, which may have also been influenced by their choice of producer Joe Chicarelli who produced the last Augie March album Watch Me Disappear.

The band play it safe to a degree but it's a solid album, driven by the enigmatic single Feeding Line this band is not shy to employ a jangling guitar sound, the lilting nostalgia of Part Time Believer showcases some nice harmonies.The interlude Percy Warner Park has a distinct Fleet Foxes feel with what sounds like a steel guitar opening and dense vocals. The band then crash into the jaunty gospel feel of Golden Jubilee, the folk style of House and Farm shows a group that is prepared to to be diverse and not cliched and that is what is so promising about this band. They demonstrate this on The Village which has a Latin feel to it. As their confidence as a Band grows their own style will begin to take shape.

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